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Strata Painters Sydney

Strata Painters Sydney

Regardless of the service you provide, a customer's first impression of your business is always going to be impacted by the external appearance of your building. It is for this reason that it is vital to ensure the exterior of your building is regularly cleaned and well-maintained — this is where Rudi’s team of strata painters in Sydney comes in.

Strata Painting in Sydney

More than just a commercial painting service, strata painting entails the complex and comprehensive deep cleaning of a building's exterior. Those who specialise in strata painting are not only experienced painters, but are trained in completing a variety of maintenance work in those hard-to-reach areas of a building that may require either scaffolding or abseiling.

Strata paint work is commonly completed for large-scale commercial projects, offices, apartments, and government buildings. The focus of strata work is not only on enhancing the physical appearance of your business’s exterior but on the maintenance and upkeep of your building. Although strata painting is essential in maintaining the curb appeal of your business, it is also vital in enhancing the overall value of your property.

The strata work that typically precedes exterior painting includes:

  • General cleaning
  • Pressure cleaning
  • Stain and/or graffiti removal
  • Stripping old paint
  • Rendering and plastering
  • Waterproofing
  • General exterior maintenance

Benefits of Strata Painting

all of the above into account, the three predominant benefits of having strata painting completed for your building are:

Longer Lasting Paintwork

As is included with strata painting, all dust, grime and debris is removed prior to the paintwork beginning. Doing this ensures that the paint sticks to the surface of the building, in turn preventing it from chipping and flaking away easily.

Following this, strata painters typically apply a waterproofing material or another protective coating to ensure the surface of your building remains resistant to the damaging effects of rain, hail, debris and others of the like. All of the above ensures the quality of the paintwork is maintained for prolonged periods of time.

Cost Effective

Although strata work may seem expensive initially, it minimises the need for regular paint, upkeep, and maintenance jobs to be completed on the surface of your building. Due to their meticulous approach and level of attention to detail, the work that strata painters complete enhances not only the appearance of your building but also prolongs its lifespan.

With all the preventative maintenance that is completed before and after the job to reduce the need for future repairs, you can rest assured that strata paint work is a worthwhile investment.

Increases Overall Property Value

Not only does strata paint work enhance the longevity of your building's exterior, but it contributes significantly to the value of your property as a whole. This can be attributed to how quality strata paintwork enhances your building's curbside appeal. This, in turn, helps it to seem well-kept and in good condition and more appealing to customers, visitors, tenants and prospective owners.  

Refreshing your property with quality strata paintwork is guaranteed to be a cost-effective means of enhancing your property’s value.

Why Choose Rudi’s Painting?

More than just regular painters, the team at Rudi’s Painting have extensive experience in completing various strata paint jobs for commercial, residential, apartment, and office buildings.

Our team is not only made up of a group of experienced painters, but individuals who are fully trained and qualified to complete various exterior maintenance and repair jobs. For this reason, regardless of the nature or breadth of your project’s requirements, you can rely on the team at Rudi’s Painting to complete the job that ensures the longevity of your building.

You can rest assured that when you choose our team of Strata painters in Sydney, you are receiving a service that is not only comprehensive and professional, but friendly and reliable. If you have any questions about our strata painting services in Sydney, or if you’re after a free quote, feel free to contact our friendly team!